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Circulon Infinite Twin Pack: 10-Inch and 12-Inch Hard Anodized Nonstick Open Skillets

It was not so long ago when professional chefs made fun about the idea of cookware claiming to have nonstick features. When hard anodized cookware sets came along, everybody has been racing to take a try and from there, the culinary world had just been placed into a stir. Everyone was amazed each time they whip up scrambled eggs with something tasty without having to scrape any part of it from the pan after cooking. While some are complaining about the price, but they soon realized that it is worth the investment since quality far outweighs any value in money.

Circulon Infinite Twin Pack 10-Inch and 12-Inch Hard Anodized Nonstick Open Skillets

Circulon Infinite Twin Pack

This Circulon Infinite which comes in twin pack of 10 and 12 inches open nonstick skillets has even made them appreciate everything. They were stunned not just with the nonstick features but also with other amazing aspects of the skillets like the handles which does not turn burning hot; its ability to occupy space atop any kind of stove without tipping over; the breeze of cleaning; and many many more. These Circulon Infinite Open skillets also come with a hard anodized aluminum which doubles the hardness of stainless steel. This only shows that they both give quick and even heat distribution and that they surely could last a lifetime.


Yet another great feature is that like other Circulon pans, the twin pack is dishwasher safe and its inside and out nonstick feature. Hands can comfortable grip on the handles and while it surely can get warm, it is not really hot at that. With any of the skillets, you can fry eggs even without having to place oil and even if you do that way, the eggs can still slide around like you are sliding it out on an icy surface. To give you idea about what customers are saying, take time to read this review:

“We have come to use a lot of other brands of pans and skillets on our kitchen until we decided on just using Circulon pans and skillets exclusively. After months of heavy use of the twin pack skillets that we first tried, we have been very pleased with its nonstick features and its performance and durability.

Circulon Infinite Twin pack has this very thick bottom that sits perfectly well on the stovetop. It really gives even distribution of heat on the cooking surface and as such, you can never see any burning on foods. You don’t even need to use nonstick sprays which are commonly used in so many brands of pans nor does cooking requires the use heavy oil.

If we have used large amounts of cooking oils on all our cuisines before, we were able to cut the oil needs. These skillets are so durable in that they can be characterized as one of those which are must-haves for every kitchen. The skillets are likewise dishwasher safe and oven safe. It can work up to 500 degree Fahrenheit without losing its nonstick properties. I really recommend buying this twin pack.”


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